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Thursday, January 19th, 2006
2:15 pm

aw shit
Monday, July 11th, 2005
3:18 pm
Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
2:09 am

monthly feature of the EvilBible.com web site is the award of the Retard of the Month to the person or persons who have demonstrated an exceptional level of public stupidity due to religion. Nominees must be public officials or public figures. Suggestions for future Retards of the Month can be made by e-mailing Editor@EvilBible.com.

[Note: Due to time constraints this Retard of the Month page will no longer be updated monthly. Future retards will be selected as time allows.]

The Retard of the Month for December 2004 is:

Alabama State Representative Gerald Allen (R).
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what a fucking mongoloid. ha

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Monday, May 16th, 2005
11:10 pm
note to everyone who wears thick chalky neon pink eyeliner

you look like clowns!

you can totally tell when someone doesnt know ANYTHING
i.e. theyre wearing misfits shoes, and 100% couldnt name 1 song or album by the band

here are their life priorities:
1. myspace
2. pretending to like music
3. being aggressive for no reason
4. straightening their ugly hair

also, theyre most likely catholic, and like totally satanic music, but of course they wouldnt know the music they listen to praises satin because they dont actually listen to it

get fucking bent you horrible scenesters
Thursday, April 28th, 2005
11:30 am
i had to write an article about myself in the future, i am not just totally self centered and bored
Wednesday, April 27th, 2033
Update on Professional Celebrity, Von Danzig:

Cassidy Von Danzig, formerly known as Allie Hanloni, was found in Lodi, New Jersey, wearing a latex skeleton costume and enormous sunglasses. After releasing her first album, titled “With A Body Like This, Who Needs Brains” in 2015, at age 28, featuring the hit song “New-Wave Hooker Barfight” she and her husband, Glenn Danzig fled the spotlight to travel the world. Since then, she has rarely been spotted.
Cassidy was looking exhausted and overworked. “I’ve been in and out of court as of late.” She exclaimed to me while inhaling a clove cigarette, and removing her sunglasses, revealing a nasty black eye. “People don’t know who the fuck they’re dealing with!”. She refused to disclose the reason for her regular court battles, but we have heard from different sources that she has had more than one vicious brawl with singer-songwriter Courtney Love. After trashing reggae music in last month’s Bizarre magazine, Cassidy Von Danzig blatantly bad-mouthed Love, saying “Reggae is almost as hideously revolting as Courtney Love! Go write more shit-tastic music, you assface!”
Everyone knows that Cassidy is unstoppable musically or otherwise, but has chosen to lay low, enjoying her surreptitious lifestyle with her hot and evil husband Glenn Danzig who has aged nicely, at age 78, only looking 50-ish, still handsome as ever. “I like older men, so what?” said Cassidy, while accidentally spitting on my face.
Cassidy’s diehard fans, which have been known to tattoo her face and signature all over their bodies, have reportedly seen her on TV, using her original name, Hanloni, in gymnastic competitions. “I’m pretty sure she’s afraid of losing her fanbase.” Says Ming-Ming Cherry, in Japan. “Her neo-trashy badass look would be totally ruined if people knew she was into gymnastics.” Von Danzig refused to comment.

-Orange Tan

Current Mood: awake
Thursday, April 14th, 2005
9:01 pm
witchcraft for life
Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged

Making Evil Look Innocent 60 minutes (VHS)
It is surprising that there is any controversy about the Harry Potter series when author J.K. Rowling openly presents blatant Witchcraft, Satanism and pagan mythology. Unfortunately, because many don't recognize occult symbolism, or understand Witchcraft, thousands of young readers, by inference, are led to accept them as whimsical and harmless, aided by Rowling's repackaging of Witchcraft in probably its most dangerous form- children's fantasy literature.

Hosts Robert S.McGee, author of The Search For Significance, and Caryl Matrisciana, author and occult researcher, answer these questions and show Rowling's presentation of the following elements of Witchcraft: Mother Goddess, evolution, reincarnation, communing with the dead and spirit world, seasonal nature celebrations, sorcery, divination, spells, curses, meditation, occult symbology, black magic, demon possession, "dark" aspects of Witchcraft, and more.

someone please buy me this so i can puke bile on it

Current Mood: HAHAH
Thursday, April 7th, 2005
12:10 am

what the FUCK is this


they are the biggest worthless pieces of fashion trash

i want to hit them with a truck
Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
11:11 pm
i love searching stuff on google images like
"stupid baby"

what a stupid baby
Thursday, March 17th, 2005
5:29 pm
Thursday, March 10th, 2005
8:57 pm
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005
2:06 pm
Sunday, February 20th, 2005
2:02 pm
paris hilton roolz
someone supposedly hacked paris hilton's sidekick, and got all her pictures off it, notes, and addressbook

it's legit this dude has done it before. here is the official press release: http://www.engadget.com/entry/1234000540032549

http://gorillamask.net/book.html <--- those are the numbers


Lohan, Lindsay

Lavigne, Avril

Olsen, Ashley

i am calling avril tonight 4 sho

if you want the pics --> http://www.wecutclutter.com/bob/parishilton.rar <--- it's got n00dz
Friday, February 18th, 2005
5:40 pm

Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
11:00 pm

im seriously laughing and vomitting on myself

its not even funny

im sorry
Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
1:52 pm
Monday, January 10th, 2005
8:27 pm

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god also i am stalkerishly in love with my ex-bf

my temperature is 103.6, i am having cold sweats

i feel like im giong to die

i had a dream, about going blind

i had another dream that i was jamming with unwound and i was flustered, and i asked them to play october all over and i was helping the drummer open and close his (the drummer was nate from 6feetunder, fuct yes) hihat cos he forgot how
Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
10:49 pm
les savy fav
917 703-8825

this is chris carabaz #####
Friday, December 31st, 2004
6:47 am
EVERYONE! this is serious

please apply to


you have to wait for them to let you in, but they probably will and then you have to leave an amazing application! and dont forget top read the rules or they will "slit your fxcking throat". i think one of the mods is from ottawa! awesome

also look at my application!!! just scroll down
Saturday, December 25th, 2004
11:40 am
xmas treasures:

a blender
a whiteboard
certif to birdman sound
certif to club monaco?
certif to chapters ^__^
like 20 weird stockings :/ hmmmm
new drumsticks
a new flat iron
the labrynth, breakin' and trailer park boys season 1 2 and 3 on DVD !
vibrational remedy perfume
Friday, December 24th, 2004
1:23 am
hu wanz 2 bak cupkakz wit me?

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